Understanding Auto Insurance: The Various Types Of Auto Insurance You Should Know About

While driving might not be the most dangerous activity in life, an accident or another traffic incident can change your life significantly. Such risks are why it's so important to have auto insurance. But first, you need to understand the different types of auto insurance and how they work. You might not need all of them at once, but as your life changes and circumstances evolve, so should your auto insurance coverage.

Top Things To Be Prepared For When You Need SR-22 Insurance

You might have been required to have an SR-22 filing in your state for quite some time now, or you might have just gone to court and been ordered to have an SR-22 filing. Either way, you might not totally understand everything that is involved in having one of these filings. You will want to be prepared for the following things if you need SR-22 insurance, however. You May Have to Change Insurance Companies 

Adding A Mother-In-Law Suite? 5 Things To Know About Home Insurance

Are you adding a mother-in-law suite to your primary home? More and more American families are providing safe and cost-effective housing for elderly parents and other family members at home. But how will this addition affect your home insurance? Here are a few things to know. 1. Home Insurance Often Extends. If the suite is attached to your home, it becomes part of the primary home as far as most homeowners insurance is concerned.