How To Handle A Car Insurance Heavy Increase

You regularly get a notice for your car insurance renewal. Depending on your plan and the economy, you may find that your insurance has increased to a high degree. When you get your car insurance renewal notice and the bill is much higher than you have seen before, it is common to have a little bit of shell shock. If the insurance renewal is too much for your budget, here are some ways to go about dealing with a heavy car insurance increase.

Speak with a car insurance agent

One of the most valuable people to speak with when you are shopping around for car insurance is a car insurance agent. Agents have access to a number of companies and discounts that you may not otherwise apply for online. Sit down with a car insurance agent to ask them to get a few different quotes for you. If you are on a strict budget, it is a good idea to let the agent know how much you can spend each month before you get started on your car insurance finding session. 

Determine if your coverage levels can be decreased

In order to save money on your monthly deductible, you may want to see if your car insurance coverage can be decreased. If your car is fully paid off, it is possible to select liability coverage rather than full coverage. If you are able to save by selecting a lower coverage level, it is possible to choose a plan with a good car insurance company that throws in some extras, such as free towing or free windshield replacement. If you want to pay the lowest possible monthly payment for your car insurance, ask your car insurance agent to go bare bones and only offer the state minimums for the insurance plans that they show you. 

Go in with family in the same household

Your family members are likely to have a car, and therefore likely to have car insurance as well. If someone else that you live with already has insurance. Often, adding an additional vehicle to an already approved car insurance plan will increase the monthly payment by less than a full, new car insurance renewal. Adding yourself to someone else's car insurance plan can decrease your car insurance by over half, saving you money and a headache from finding a brand-new plan. 

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