Top Things To Be Prepared For When You Need SR-22 Insurance

You might have been required to have an SR-22 filing in your state for quite some time now, or you might have just gone to court and been ordered to have an SR-22 filing. Either way, you might not totally understand everything that is involved in having one of these filings. You will want to be prepared for the following things if you need SR-22 insurance, however.

You May Have to Change Insurance Companies 

Many people stick with the same car insurance provider over the long term. After all, once you find a company that you like and that you're used to, it might not seem like it's really necessary to change companies. However, now that you're required to have an SR-22 filing, it might be time to finally change to a different car insurance company. There are a couple of reasons why you may want to do this. For one thing, there is a possibility that your car insurance company does not offer SR-22 filings, which happens more than you might think. Additionally, some insurance companies charge their SR-22 customers more money, while others still offer reasonable rates. Obviously, you'll want to look for the latter option.

You May Have to Pay Higher Premiums

The last thing that you probably want is to have to pay higher car insurance premiums, but as you might know, there are a few things that can cause you to have to pay higher insurance rates. You might know that things like speeding tickets and getting in car accidents that are your fault can cause you to have to pay higher premiums, but what many people don't know is that you usually have to pay more for SR-22 insurance, too. Additionally, if you have to have SR-22 insurance because you were convicted of a charge like drinking and driving or driving without insurance, then you should know that this conviction can cause your insurance rates to go up, too. Because of these additional costs, comparison shopping is important so you can hopefully find affordable insurance.

You May Have to Have it For a While

Typically, when you are required by the courts to have SR-22 insurance, there is a certain time period given during which you have to fulfill this requirement. You might be required to have an SR-22 filing for three years, for example. Ask your attorney or look over your court paperwork for more information about how long you will be required to fulfill your SR-22 insurance requirement.

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