4 Consequences Of Not Having Up-To-Date Car Insurance

The law requires every vehicle owner to have car insurance. When a police officer pulls you and discovers that you don't have insurance coverage, there will likely be severe penalties. This includes suspension of your driver's license, costly fines, and even jail time. Here's a detailed look at some consequences of not having auto insurance.

Your Driver's License May Be Suspended 

One of the consequences of failing to take auto insurance is that the court can suspend your license. Usually, this traffic offense attracts a ticket. The length of the suspension takes varies from one state to another. Depending on your state, it may end after filling out an automobile liability insurance coverage document (SR-22) or showing proof of insurance. In some jurisdictions, the court or DMV is required by law to suspend your driver's license based on the magnitude of the offense. Keep in mind that reinstating a license is quite expensive. For this reason, you should be on the safe side of the law by purchasing auto insurance.

You'll Pay Expensive Fines or Even Jail Time

In many states, driving without car insurance is regarded as a misdemeanor and attracts a fine. However, you will face a stiffer fine or jail time if you're a repeat offender. Depending on the number of times you've been caught with this traffic offense, your jail time can range between a few days and one year. In some cases, jail time can accompany additional fines.

You'll Notice a Spike in Your Insurance Premium

Many car insurance companies charge a high rate to clients involved in traffic violations. The insurance firm will also charge you high premiums if you are arrested for driving without a license. Nevertheless, the charges on your insurance premium will largely depend on your insurer and where you reside. Many traffic violations often lead to high premium charges.

Your Vehicle May Be Towed

When a police officer establishes that you have been driving without a license, they may choose to impound your vehicle, especially after an accident. However, they may ask you to show proof of insurance within a particular time. They will strip off your car's registration if you fail to meet this requirement. And you'll have to part with costly processing fees if you want to get your car back.

Purchasing auto insurance coverage may seem expensive, but you should never overlook it. Failing to get auto insurance can lead to the costly repercussions mentioned above.

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