Working As A Civilian In An Overseas US Military Base: Here Is What You Should Know

Did you know that the United States government has approximately 750 military bases in at least 80 different countries? And these bases are run by various workers, many of them civilians. Civilian experts in military bases include electricians, counselors, gas station attendants, construction contractors, chefs in army cafeterias, and many other professions. If you are a contractor providing such professionals to US army bases overseas, you should seek defense base insurance coverage. This article helps you understand why that is necessary.

The Risks of Working in a Military Base

Civilians working in a military base are often exposed to the following professional hazards that may lead to illnesses, physical injury, or death:

1. Toxins

Military bases and the surrounding environment are often affected by toxic substances. For instance, according to an article posted on CBS NEWS, 385+ military installations in the US alone have a pollution problem caused by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). That is a major issue since water contaminated with PFAS is associated with severe health issues, including certain cancers, thyroid disease, and liver damage. Not to forget that workers may also be exposed to other toxic solvents used in essential tasks like paint stripping, cleaning, and degreasing.

2. Explosive devices

Some of the most lucrative jobs for civilians in the military are in bomb disposal, otherwise known as explosive ordinance disposal (EOD). However, although a career as an EOD technician pays well, it comes with its fair share of risks. For instance, bomb disposal experts often suffer severe paralysis, burns, loss of limbs, and traumatic brain injury while in the line of duty. Besides, a faulty explosive can go off unexpectedly even in a military camp and harm those in close vicinity.

3. Substandard living conditions

Army civilians and their families sometimes live in deplorable base housing facilities, especially on extended missions in underdeveloped nations. Such environments are often rife with rodent and insect infestations, black mold, faulty wiring, radon contamination, water damage, and many other issues. All these have dire consequences. For instance, continuous exposure to radon gas increases the risk of lung cancer, while faulty wiring leads to electrocution and serious injuries.

Get DBA Insurance Coverage

Working in a military base has its risks, just like other jobs, therefore, demanding due consideration. The reason is, there are many hazards in such places likely to cause injury and, in extreme cases, lead to death. Fortunately, today, the government requires all subcontractors and contractors to acquire a unique form of workers' compensation known as defense base act (DBA) insurance for army civilians working overseas. DBA caters to the medical expenses, disability, and death benefits of covered civilian employees injured or killed in the course of employment on military bases during working or off-work hours. Get this policy from a reputable DBA insurance broker if you are a contractor working for the US military outside the country.

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