Unexpected Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance

You've heard that having a good driving history and taking defensive driving courses will reduce your car insurance rates. These take time to develop, so you need to look for other ways to lower it. Here are four unexpected ways that you can possibly do so right now.

Add Safety Features

Your car may already have airbags, but what about other safety features? Now is the time to add them to your vehicle. These inexpensive additions will help you save money on your auto insurance for years to come. Consider anti-locking brake systems, anti-theft devices, and even motorized seatbelts to show that you're putting your family's life first.

Combine Your Insurances

You likely have home insurance and health insurance, as well as auto insurance. By combining all your policies, you will save money. Because you're sticking with the same provider, they will be willing to offer a discount for your loyalty.

When you have multiple people living at the same address, it's also worth putting all your auto insurances together on one policy. Again, you're loyal with the same provider. Call both insurance companies to see who will offer the better discount for the joining of insurances.

Pay the Full Coverage Upfront

Most insurers will offer you the option of paying for your insurance in monthly payments. If you can, opt for paying it upfront. This will often knock some of the cost down. You can also opt for electronic transfers to knock more money off your premiums.

The benefit for the insurer is that  you're paying for the full coverage. There's no risk of you defaulting on payments, so there's no need to add interest. The benefit for you is there's no risk of no coverage if you don't make a payment one month for whatever reason.

Opt for an Electronic Signature

When a signature is needed, technology now makes it possible to do everything through email. You can get the documents sent to you, sign them electronically, and then send them back. Some insurance companies will offer an unexpected discount for this. Everquote suggests it will only be around 1%, but it is better than nothing.

The benefit of the electronic signature is that the insurer gets the documents quicker. There's no need to rely on the post. You also get full access to all your insurance details right away.

Could you save money on your auto insurance premiums? Now is the time to look at these unexpected ways to start saving money on this legal requirement. For more information, contact an insurance company like D A Insurance Brokers.