Q&A For Medicare Supplement Plans

If you are considering supplemental insurance to help pay for things that your Medicare policy does not cover, you may feel that you don't know enough to make a final decision on whether or not to add the coverage. Medicare Supplement insurance plans, which are also called "Medigap" policies, helps pay for uncovered medical costs, such as deductibles and co-payments. Although Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans may be offered by the same insurance company, they offer different coverage. Medicare Supplement plans only supplement existing Medicare coverage. Medicare Advantage plans supply primary Medicare coverage to beneficiaries. Here are a few questions and answers about Medicare Supplement insurance plans to help you understand their rules:

Can l use a Medicare Supplement plan to supplement my primary insurance if it is not Medicare?

Medicare Supplement plans are only for beneficiaries who have Medicare Part A and Part B. They are not designed to supplement any other insurance.

If I become seriously ill, can my Medicare Supplement policy be canceled?

Your policy cannot be canceled unless you fail to pay your premiums. In addition, when the term of your current Medicare Supplement policy ends, you can renew it, regardless of your health condition.

If my Medicare insurance is provided through a Medicare Advantage policy, can I apply for a Medicare Supplement plan? 

A Medicare Advantage plan is not the same as Medicare Part A and Part B. You may not receive coverage from a Medicare Supplement plan while you are still a Medicare Advantage beneficiary. If you are planning to switch to Medicare Part A and Part B, you can apply for a policy, but it should not go into effect until your Medicare Advantage coverage has expired.

Can a Medicare Supplement policy help cover the cost of my prescription medication?

Currently, a Medicare Supplement policy does not provide coverage for prescription drugs. However, you can purchase a Medicare Part D policy for drug coverage.

Can my spouse and I share a Medicare Supplement plan?

There must be a separate Medicare Supplement policy for each person who wants coverage.

Will my Medicare Supplement plan help cover my eye care and dental visits?

A Medicare Supplement plan does not cover your vision or dental care. In addition, it does not provide coverage for long-term care.

Where can I purchase a Medicare Supplement policy?

You can purchase a policy from any insurer in your state that is licensed to sell a Medicare Supplement plan.

Paying for co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance out-of-pocket can be burdensome. If you are interested in a Medicare Supplement policy, contact Brown & Brown of Prescott or a similar organization.