Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Rates Without Changing Your Company

If you are not happy with your current car insurance rates, one quick way to improve your rates is to find a new car insurance company. However, if you do not want to switch your car insurance provider, there are ways to can have your rates lowered. Some of these changes are very simple and can be made online.

Pay Online

If you are mailing your payments, you might be charged an extra fee for processing payments by mail. If you instead make your payments electronically, you may be able to have this fee waived.

Find Out if an Organization Qualifies You for a Discount

Many organizations provide discounts to those who are members of certain organizations, such as credit unions or sororities. Always look up your eligible group discounts.

Determine How Many Miles you Drive

Look for ways that you can reduce how much you owe based on the miles that you drive to and from work each day. If you can reduce your miles to bring them below a certain threshold, you can get surprising savings. Find out exactly how many miles you drive to and from work each day and adjust accordingly.

Get Storage Coverage

If you will not be driving your car for an extended period, you should consider getting comprehensive storage coverage. If you have a loan on your vehicle, you will likely be required to maintain comprehensive coverage insurance and storage coverage can be one of the most inexpensive ways to do this.

Install Anti-Theft Devices

If you purchase and install an anti-theft device, your car insurance company may provide you with a discount depending on the anti-theft device that you choose. Your state might provide its own unique benefits for specific anti-theft measures.

Consider Usage-Based Insurance

Ask if your car insurance company has usage-based auto insurance. This insurance plan relies on a device being placed in your car that measures how well you drive. Also, usage-based insurance will track how many miles you drive and this will also affect how much you will be required to pay in insurance premiums.

Insure Multiple Cars Under One Policy

If you have more than one car under a single car insurance policy, you might want to seek multiple car discounts. Even though your premium from the insurance company will be higher by adding an additional car, the amount that you pay overall in premiums will likely be lower.

Get a Yearly Policy

When you are happy with your rates, make sure that you stick with a yearly policy. Doing so will ensure that your rates do not change in six months. Also, yearly policies tend to cost less money than shorter terms.

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