Auto Insurance Claims Of An Unusual Sort: What To Do When The Other Driver Isn't Driving A Car Or Truck

Auto accidents can happen with or without another car or truck involved. In fact, it is possible to obtain damage to your car when you are not even in it, as is the case with a hit and run accident. If you find yourself in one of these unusual accidents, it is best to be prepared in advance.

Check with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered for any and all of the following accidents:

Accidents with Tractors and Other Farming Vehicles

The Midwest has many farms and lots of slow-moving tractors and farm vehicles. Racing down a country road in spring or fall could result in a collision with a farm vehicle when you cannot stop fast enough. The accident would be mostly on you, since farmers are driving big, heavy machinery that does not move quickly and cannot sideswipe or rear-end other drivers on the road.

You will have to file a claim immediately, as will the farmer if any of his or her equipment has some damage. You may be able to exchange insurance information, but farm vehicles owned and operated by farmers are covered under different insurance policies than cars and trucks.

Accidents Involving Horses and Riders

Horseback riding is popular no matter where you are in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is no insurance that covers horse and rider and horses can be quite unpredictable. Such a large animal can do some amazing damage to your vehicle, despite the efforts of the rider to avoid it.

In the event that you hit a horse and rider, they could be seriously or fatally injured. Make sure you have enough liability and medical insurance in your auto policy to cover a situation like this.

Suped-up Bicycles

Bicycles that someone has converted into motorized vehicles are allowed on the road, just as bicycles are. Unfortunately, these suped-up versions of a bicycle crossed with a moped do not need any license or registration, and therefore do not require insurance either.

You are more likely to cause the cyclist damage and injury than he or she doing anything to your vehicle. If you file a claim, though, it will increase your rates because your insurance company will view you as a danger to others on the road. Unless you sue the cyclist (or the cyclist's parents if he or she is a minor), you are on your own for the cost of repairs.

Being More Cautious Rather Than Filing Lots of Claims

In each of these cases, you should have been a more conscientious and careful driver. A tractor and an Amish buggy are slow enough that you could move around them, if you are paying attention. As for the altered bicycle riders, you need to be watchful for unpredictable movements and be prepared to stop short. The more carefully you drive, the less likely you will need to file a claim for one of these unusual accidents.

To learn more, contact a company like Beriswill Insurance with any questions or concerns you have.